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Relocating your business or office can be challenging, the key to success is planning and preparation. Breaking down the complex office relocation process into simple and manageable tasks can make your move extremely convenient and hassle-free. Use this comprehensive office relocation checklist to organize your move and be on track.
Preliminary Tasks
- Send a notice to present landlord about termination date
- Appoint a staff member as move coordinator
- Take into consideration the condition of office equipment and computer. Determine what is to be replaced or upgraded
- Advise your staff of location and date of move
- Make a change-of-address list
- Interview and hire the best packers and movers
General Pre-Move
- Book loading docks and elevators for your moving day
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- Create a packing schedule. Determine what items can be packed in advance and what can be packed last so that your office can continue to work efficiently with lest interruption
- Code and label all office furniture and equipment
- Order new office furniture, equipment and stationery
- Check whether you will get insurance coverage for the move Confirm all details of the move with your movers and packers and confirm the value for insurance during transit
- Get Certificate of Occupancy and other important license and permits
- Mail moving notice to banks and financial institutions, clients and customers, professional organizations, insurance companies, credit accounts, telephone company, special services and prospects
- Determine security procedures for office relocation
- Get any special moving or parking permit
- Take into consideration building restrictions during move hours
1 Week before You Move
- Arrange with movers and packers to have sensitive items packed. This include telephone, computers, network equipment and servers
- Determine packing needs of your employees and communicate the same with your mover
- Get all packing supplies. Ask your mover whether they would use crate or corrugated material. The latter save money, time, and is environment-friendly
- Make sure that the boxes are packed and labeled properly on the basis of office location, content and importance
On the Day of Move
- Check all items as per the record sheet at the time of loading and unloading. Your record sheet should match that of the driver who is responsible for transporting your goods
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